Make-Believe (R11)

I’ve added a very crude view of node CPTs — just double-click a node. (No support for deterministic nodes yet.) I expect I’ll be improving this in the next iteration. Also, moving nodes around is no longer quite so awful, with arrows updating as you move.


  • Arrows update continuously as you move nodes
  • Added viewing of a CPT by double-clicking node

Make-Believe (R9)

Another small update, this time adding a control in the toolbar for the number of iterations that the likelihood weighting algorithm performs. At some point I’m going to need to clean up the toolbar.


  • Control to allow changes to the number of iterations of the inference algorithm

Make-Believe and a Late R8

I missed the R8 release from two weeks ago — partly because I forgot, and partly because I was busy — so here it is now. Sadly, there isn’t too much to excite in this release. The main change is the ability to do automatic layout using the dagre.js library. I haven’t tweaked the defaults at all, so the layouts it creates right now aren’t ideal.


  • Auto layout using the dagre.js library

Make-Believe R7

The work on R6 allowed me to add an experimental worker thread implementation in this release. Unfortunately, I’m seeing absolutely no performance gain at this stage from it on a multi-core system, so it’s off by default. No other changes in this release.


  • Added experimental worker threads (currently worse perf)

Make-Believe R6

For this version, I focused on making some improvements to the backend, disentangling the .xdsl format from the internal BN representation. I also added a crude and experimental save to .xdsl function — expect it to work for basic networks only, and even then less often than not. Here it is:

I’ve also finally put the code on GitHub.


  • Backend rewrite to remove dependencies on .xdsl format for BN representation and display
  • Extremely experimental .xdsl saving (basic networks only)

Decisions, Decisions

I decided to add some basic support for decisions and utilities in this iteration. Searching for good policies really only works with small decision node sets at this stage (i.e. not too many decision combinations):


  • Support for decision nodes
  • Support for utility nodes
  • Expected value calculations for current network
  • Limited search for best set of decisions
  • Status bar shows time taken for last belief update
  • Animated belief bars
  • Performance improvements

Next release: Jan 3rd, 2015

Not Quite Keeping Promises

Ok, so I missed doing the update on the 6th. In my defence, I had no internet connection. (Let’s ignore that I could have planned things better). Release and changelist below.

Make-Believe (R3)

  • Cleaned up the status bar and toolbar so that they work a little more nicely.
  • I also just added a zoom.

I should note that I’m developing and testing in Firefox only, but I occasionally test in other browsers. Next release: 20th December.