2000-10 Week 2 (Kin-suicide; yeast-like)

Also a report in: file:///X:/Documents/Mine/evethics/reports/2000-10%20Week%202/


Continuing with the 60(65-80) runs in exploring the effect of varying the offset of the fdf. These runs check offsets between 80 and 100. There is an .xls file that compares various of these runs, but the main point is that I can detect no difference between any of the offsets.


Continuing on from KinSuicide, this seems even less interesting. I seem to have started it with an obscenely large number of agents (13000) . . . maybe it was dying out.



This one had negative genetic suicide probabilities.


It seems a little smoothed out in comparison to NegativeProbs. Unfortunately, it's not comparable, because of different board sizes and the like.