2000-12 Week 2 (Suicide causes)

Also a report in: file:///X:/Documents/Mine/evethics/reports/2000-12%20Week%202/



I think I changed the name of the selectedyouth file to investigate. In this file, I have genomes of randomly selected agents, although I didn't record what age or health they had. Body lengths go over 60 in size, but scanning through the investigate file, it looks like they only have an effective length of about 1 or 2.

Here are graphs comparing distributions of age/health between suiciding agents and all agents in the population.


The ruletriggers file in this run seems to have corrupted at the end of it.


An analysis of the genomes of some older runs (1865 - 1868). I think I was trying to work out what genomes looked like on average. I have things like frequency distributions of health values in conditions that contain less thans. It may or may not be of value, I'm not sure.