2000-12 Week 3 (Visualisations; Causes)

This seemed to be a very busy week.


These were experimenting with visualisation. There isn't anything useful here, but there is a useful visualisation that I want to include in the dissertation from later, in 2001-02 Week 1.

stats (1885-1896)

Hard to know what to include from here. I have a whole heap of different files and stats and things. Here's the standard suicide frequencies graph of an example run:


I seem to have broken up age, health and population values in the conditions of genetic rules for separate analysis. This resulted in the following interesting graphs:


If there is anything that these graphs clearly say, it is that less than conditions have a suicide probability that is negatively correlated with age, while greater than conditions have no correlation (well, maybe something for ages > 60).

The below six graphs compare the frequencies of an observable in the population (the left graphs) with the average suicide probability associated with the observable in the genome (the right graphs). Interestingly, the first two graphs for age look like the comparison between rel freq of age distributions between suiciding and all agents.